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Garage Door Springs Repair

Professionals in what we do, we rush to serve the garage door springs repair Houston needs of our customers. The smallest problem with springs will create a series of headaches. Rust makes the garage door loud. Daily use and lack of lubricants expedite corrosion and lack of spring coil flexibility. The springs are bound to break sooner that they are supposed to and in the meantime, they will fail to balance the garage door properly. Avoid troubles by turning to Texans Garage Door Repair Houston for spring services.

At your service for prompt garage door springs repair

Garage Door Springs Repair Houston

In order to prevent premature damage and thus a bucket of problems, call us for service whether you have torsion or extension springs in Houston, Texas. Spring coils and fasteners need lubrication to remain free of rust and thus able to do their job without causing problems. A pro can install safety cables to make extension springs safer too. While most torsion springs are kept in place since they are installed inside the shaft, extension springs don’t have a similar tube to prevent them from flying. Our company offers solutions to keep any spring system safe. We are here to cover all garage door spring repair service needs.

  • Torsion spring repair
  • Safety cable installation
  • Oil-tempered and galvanized springs service
  • Extension springs conversion
  • Lubrication maintenance
  • Extension springs repair
  • Springs adjustment
  • Broken spring replacement

Broken springs? Call now. A pro will replace torsion or extension springs

Don’t worry if your springs snap. It happens. Just call us to rectify the problem quickly. We will send you a specialist in broken spring repair as soon as possible. The pros come out fully equipped because springs need proper tools in order to be removed, installed and adjusted correctly. With experience in such services, the techs won’t only respond quickly to replace broken springs but will do the job safely.

Call our company for garage door spring replacement whether the springs are broken or not. If you decide to replace them when the coils get loose to avoid sudden breakage, we understand and help quickly. In the case of snapped springs, the response is even faster. The pros adjust the new springs to ensure the good balance of the garage door.

If you want spring services by the book, promptly and without breaking the bank, ask our help. A pro will come out to offer garage door springs repair in Houston on the double and won’t leave before the service is completed to your satisfaction. Call today.